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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finding your feet ^_^

It's been 3 weeks I'm in Edinburgh.hmm probably Leith! Sounds better because I still not walking around into Edinburgh city. T_T

What can I say for this 3 weeks...fully tired *maybe* Its tiring when you had to walk with 3pcs or 4pcs clothes on your body and can you imagine how hard to walk with this encumbrance in the damn cold weather? Hard to breathe out!

Actually till now, I still felt a bit awkward with my homestay lady. I don't know how to described it but its really awkward for me. I admit that she is really nice and kind. Hurmm. Will tell later when I know how to explain it. Ahaha whatever it is I need more comfortable in what I'm doing. Two weeks to go! Yeah!

notakaki: what am gonna do this weekend?URGHH!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Go away!

For the time being... I just want to enjoy myself and no matter what you'll say, it doesn't matter.
I do what I want even it's a drastic decision. If it happens, it happens and I don't want to force myself into what I won't.

notakaki: Goodbye stress!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

the reason

Sometimes we need a space or time for ourselves.

When you lived in the world with full of quarreling then you realized that you need your space. Your own world to breath out without thinking with all this nonsense.



Back together.
Quarreling. Again. And again. Till now.

And I decided to get out from this kind of "world" for a moment. But I knew if I go from that world but still stay in the same region it will not help. I should get away from this region. Far away. 

But still.. I need "something" to support my decision.
Its not about STUDY at all. Its about my own world.
So here where am I now. Alone. No quarreling.

Even I'm here. A thousand miles from your world..why you have to tell me about what happened. Its tiring to heard it. Give me some space.

If you want to say that I'm stupid and coward. Silakan..

notakaki: i hate missing someone and not being able to do anything about it.

Friday, November 15, 2013



There was a reason I've been here.

Will reveal later.

notakaki: semua orang punya jalan masing-masing. depends on them to choose which is better.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A bit shopping somewhere here

Hiya! *feeling scotland kejap*
Nak share sket hehe on my way back from school to house, I've drop by to 2 or 3 shops looked for my winter coat. Then i'm entered into this shop named; the Bethany shop..and all the item there... is so cheap! So i had bought this winter coat n the other one like sweater i guess!

Guess what? total of this two is 12 pounds only!

notakaki: macam bau-bau nak muflis je kiki

Friday, November 8, 2013

Begin here

Hi..hi! Yes..now I'm here! In Scotland! How should I describe my feelings?SIGH!
It's a looonngggg journey! Aaaanndd it's so challenging you as Muslim. 11 hours. And I think it's was like I'm sleeping for 1 day. Ahahaha. Depart around 11.45pm and arrive 4.00pm. See! almost 1 day huh? but I'm arrived at 9am for UK time. Hehe save 8 hours there.

What I'm scared the most when travelling is IMMIGRATION. Don't you ever think that I'm do any smuggling thing. Sukati ai la nak takut apa punnn. kann? Alhamdulillah. There's nothing bad happened. And the immigration staff in Amsterdam and Edinburgh really kind and helpful. But you can't help for those people who looking at you like you are weirdo. Hellow??Yes, I'm foreigner but I'm not alien ok. I'm still human...like you. Urghh.

Ok. The best part is when I'm arrived at Edinburgh airport, someone hold up my name: MISS REHAN MAJID. Handsome itu perlu. Ahahaha. Unfortunately I don't asked his name cause too tired to think those question and still in dreaming I guess (betul ke dah sampai sini?x mimpi ke?betul ke keputusan yg aku buat?). All these thing keeps running in my head on my way to homestay. AND THE PRIVATE TAXI drives MERCEDES! OGOSH! Waaa. walaweh. meleleh air hidong sbb sejuk angin edinburgh. ahahaha. GEMPAK BETUL!

It's took maybe around 30mins to get to Summerfield Place, where I lived now with Ms.Kate. And I never thought Kate is single and still looks young. She's 36. I thought she might be old..ala-ala makcik gitew. Her house quite small but it's homey and cozy. Really cute. I loike!

This is picture in my room.

It's better than nothing.

Around 12.30pm I asked Kate to going out to look around this town and of course to buy my toiletries. She walked so fast than me. Ohhoii! People around here really love to walk! ingatkan aku dah cukup laju berjalan.isk! From house to town took 10 mins.. to my school 15 mins. What can I describe for my first view?hmm. Less car. Use public transport. But most people rather walking. macam ai! kikiki. My first dinner here is...nie sedih sket. 2 toast with butter n cheese n tea. We are having dinner at 6pm. Sedih. Sedih. Sedih.

K la. bai. Dah pukul 8pm. Esok nak school!

notakaki: i wonder why this  picture inmy room???

Friday, November 1, 2013

Beautiful Night

Tuesday. I got text msg from my sweet girlfriend si Aya yg dah lama tak jumpa kott. hehe.
Gf: Kakak,free x ptg nie? Jom jumpa kejap after office hour..


Me: kat mane
Gf: kat area ofis ko jelah kot..aku gi sana lepas keja..kalau ko free lah, kalau tak esok pun boleh...

*hello..takkan aku lepaskan peluang nie kan...dah lama kot buat date. But it'sso HARD to meet her!*

Me: kat ofis aku xde port best. Jmpe kat jj lah ajak cik feeza skali..malu ai jumpa u sorg.auw! kiki

Gf: Gedik! Ko tak suruh pun mmg aku gi ngan dia lah..

After office hour 5.30pm. Sharp! I waited for Aima si MomToBe outside my office and straight away drive to JJ Cheras Selatan.

Around 6pm, we are in JJ. Unfortunately, got text msg from Aya that she will be late and done her work at 6.30pm. Ok. I don't know what to do cause pity to Aima to walk around the mall. Dah tunggu masa kot nak beranak. Buatnya terberanak kat JJ tue..tak ke naya. T_T

Then we decided to wait them at  the food court since my perut pun dah lapar apatah lagi si Aima kan..kan...

Around 7.30 pm kot baru diorang sampai.. Hmm perut dah masuk angin la syg...mmg tiada keinginan la untuk saya makan. Sorry.

I asked them to lepaking in Starbucks. Cozy sket. Here we start the conversation about me. About Us. May be more to me. Hehe. But I think u'll get no answer. Nothing. Especially Feeza. Ahaha sorry babe..bukan takmo cerita but it's too personal and too details perhaps we have not enough time to chat that night. You know I have my curfew. Hehe.

Even though we are differ on when we talks but it's nice. We are talk about life, family, career and love (?). It's a beautiful night to sharing our story with beautiful ladies. Really love u guys. I hope we can gather again in other time. XOXO


Ok. Now. Today. Thursday. It's my last day to work before I start holiday. Tomorrow I start my unpaid leave about 2 month and going to UK on this Saturday night. Hurmm.

notakaki: tenks to my ex-boss still support me. terharu.